About Us


From dolls to cousins and friends to practice on my own head, I never wavered from the love of braiding hair. In 2012, I was known on Instagram as @_braidththair (Braid that Hair). I created a buzz in the Tallahassee collegiate beauty community and initially began building clientele via word of mouth. As a licensed hair-braider and hair-wrapper, I produced a comprehensive and organized system to book online,  and provide a satisfactory experience for my clients. My portfolio was built through connecting with the Tallahassee hair-braiding world. 
"Come get #ShakyLaid" is a widely known hashtag used to inform others that a client has completed their experience with Queen of the Crown. Braidththair was re-branded in 2015 and is now known as Queen of the Crown. We transitioned to South Florida in 2018 and created a solid foundation in the South Florida braid community through networking in social media. In 2019, Queen of the Crown grew in number after adding qualified, experienced braiders to the team. 
Hello! I am Shakyra Lawson, Owner and Lead Braider of Queen of the Crown (QotC).